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Crazzy Shuttlers features in Deccan Herald New Daily Club Culture

The Deccan Herald

Club Culture

May 17, 2016


Surupasree Sarmmah

 She was an avid badminton player during her school days but eventually lost touch with the sport as she couldn’t find any badminton court and partners to play with here. That’s when she got along with 2 of her college friends and started a small group called ‘CrazzyShuttlers’ in 2014, which has today grown into a big club.

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Crazzy Shuttlers features in The New Indian Express New paper Hubby Hunt

The New Indian Express

Express Way : Hubby Hunt

Jan 2, 2016

Discover a new interest, meet new people

Until the end of 2014, Bengaluru had very few badminton courts. Most were clubs where only members were allowed. This changed when the organizers of CrazzyShuttlers discovered Play Mania, a court not part of an exclusive club.

Serving on a court

Crazzy Shuttlers Features in The Deccan Herald Club Culture

The Deccan Herald

Club Culture

 Sep 27, 2016 


Anila Kurian

 Finding time in a busy city like Bengaluru is a task. Meeting someone who is free at the same time as you is worse. That’s where ‘Crazzyy Shuttlers’ come into play, quite literally. The badminton group was started in 2014 by Avinash Kumbhat and Charchita Pramanik. Their main aim was to give players a chance to come and play whenever they want and never worry about who will play with them 

Lord of the strings


Deccan Herald

Metro Life

Jan 03 , 2017


Rajitha Menon

The new year has started off on a positive note for badminton enthusiasts with the third edition of the Premier Badminton League starting on January 1, marking the beginning of the sporting calendar in the country. Founded in 2013 as the Indian Badminton League, the tournament is off to a rocky start this year after the owners of one of the teams, ‘Mumbai Rockets’, pulled out ‘due to environmental and financial challenges’.  

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Crazzy Shuttlers features in [lauo blog

 Badminton! Badminton! Badminton! The sport has created a terrific wave in the country of late. People who were once hitting gyms to become fit have now resorted to a sport and that’s really surprising. All thanks to the ease that Badminton offers to its enthusiasts. And also one must definitely highlight the Badminton facilities being offered in the country in recent times. 

Badminton Lovers Together Through Crazzy Shuttlers

Crazzy Shuttlers with the Legend Prakash Padukone

How has Crazzy Shuttlers grown over the past 3 years?

 When we started off in the first year, it was very slow. We had around 400-500 members. But in the last 3 years we have gathered around 3000 members in the community. Initially, the operations kicked off at Play Mania, Bellandur. Now we have around 4 places covered in every part of Bangalore, Citi Nest (Indiranagar), Feather touch (J.P Nagar), Gurukul (Marathahalli) and also Electronic City.