RSVP Policy

The Rocksolid Rules

1. For event that have limited slots, Please DO NOT RSVP if you are not planning to turn up

2.After you manage to RSVP - Please be responsible & have the habit of updating your RSVP PROMPTLY when you no longer can turn up(in advance as mentioned on that event detail page).This is our group community rules & basic courtesy

3.If you cannot agree or adhere to our group simple RSVP rules - please do not even bother to RSVP

4.All "No Shows" in the past would be recorded for events that has limited slots. After 2 of such "No Shows" - we reserve the right to ban you and remove from the group!

5.RSVP only after going through the meetups details like. Date, Day, Time, Place

6. Provide your contact details if you are new to group. If you are sure the host has your number saved you can ignore but we prefer you to give at the time of RSVP 

7.  If you want to change your RSVP for Morning events, you can do that only before 6PM of the previous day. Within 12hrs of the event if a member changes the RSVP neither we can unblock the slot nor can we cancel the court. This creates the problem for the host. I know meetup site allows you to change RSVP at the last moment but do you think that holds good for the group? 

8. For evening events Change of RSVP is allowed only till 2PM

9.  Always Inform the HOST about the change in RSVP 

10. Use the PayTM/ IMPS/ NEFT details to make the advance payment and block your slot

11. NoShow penalty will be collected from the member by the host for each no-show.