RSVP Policy


Thank you very much for your support and participation in the meetups we conduct. We will continue to serve you better only if we get your endless support and understanding. Your meetup group is growing, expanding to different areas of Bangalore and we love your tremendous response we got. 


  1. For events that have limited slots: Please DO NOT RSVP if you are not planning to turn up.
  2. RSVP only after going through the meetups details like. Date, Day, Time & Venue of the meetup
  3. Please provide your contact number after each RSVP. (Members are asked for contact number as part of additional information required). Messaging service of meetup is not instantaneous like Whats-app. Some members don't provide their numbers while doing RSVP and this fails the host to contact the member for the event. 
  4. After you manage to RSVP - Please be responsible & have the habit of updating your RSVP PROMPTLY. When you no longer can turn up please change the RSVP before 4-12 hours. 
  5. Morning events: If you want to change your RSVP for Morning events, you can do that only before 6 PM of the previous day. If a member changes the RSVP at night we can’t unblock the slot or can’t cancel the additional court already booked. We know meetup web-site allows you to change RSVP at the last moment but that’s doing no good for the group.
  6. Evening Events: For evening events Change of RSVP is allowed only before 4 hours of the event start time.
  7. Always Inform the HOST about the change in RSVP
  8. Use the payment details to make the advance payment. To keep the event RSVP genuine we have introduced pre-payment payment through online link, UPI, QR code scan through different payment apps. 
  9. No-show penalty will be collected from the member for each no-show. To make the operation smooth and glitch free, all "No Shows" are recorded for events that has limited slots. After 3 of such "No Shows" - we reserve the right to ban a member and/or remove from the group!

  • Although We have a system of penalty for “No Show”, we  don't prefer the penalty amount. WE WANNA SEE YOU PLAY. A penalty of few hundreds won’t make us happy but a 100% attendance will do.
  • We book courts according to the number of RSVP and wait there on time to see you play and enjoy the session. But sometime we face glitch organizing things in a smooth way because of No-Show. 
  • Some members RSVP “YES” but don't come for the session.
  • Some members change the RSVP at the last moment. 
  • This makes the job of a host really difficult in terms of coordinating the event because we optimize the game as per our members and maintain a ratio according to proficiency level of our members.


Finally it's a request to all members to RSVP sensibly. Please remember that when you unblock a slot because of sensible RSVP you are giving the opportunity for other players/wait-listed players to play at the same time and utilize the court. We want people to play the game for the love of the game.